We all dread doing schoolwork for hours on end, but with upcoming midterms, it’s required that we spend strenuous hours studying in order to get good grades. During these times, there’s no better place to stay focused than at the library.

Usually I don’t mind sacrificing some comfort in order to pull off a more fashionable outfit. However, if the library is my only destination for the day, I’m going to choose something that is comfortable enough to wear for six or more hours.

On her way to the library, I spotted this Fashionista rocking the perfect library look-maintaining comfort but still staying fashionable. The light colors of her acid-wash jeans and cozy sweater were perfectly paired with her boots and coat, adding the perfect amount of contrast so that the overall outfit wasn’t too dull. Even though people say you can’t wear white jeans after Labor Day, these were an exception. The wash on top of the white jeans added a pop of subtle color making them acceptable for winter.

Her black coat was not only stylish, but also had a faux fur trimmed hood that keeps you extra warm when walking from building to building on campus.

Her boots are perfect for taking on the winter sludge filled sidewalks while still keeping your feet warm. They’re also light enough to wear all day without feeling like you’re dragging weights on your feet.

One Simple Change: Sick of studying after a long day and want to reward yourself by with a girl’s night out? Throw on a pair of black leather boots for a classier look.