If you are like me, then you are the type of person who cannot lounge around in their sweats at home and still be capable of being productive. If I have a huge exam to study for or just a bunch of work to get done, I have to get dressed and ready for the day and go to a coffee shop or the library in order to study. Library fashion is always a debate for me. It’s most definitely not meant to be a runway show so leave your most outrageous looks in your closet! Although, I still think you can have fun with your outfit. The perfect outfit for the library is something that’s not too serious, but super comfortable.

This Fashionista was spotted on campus in this fashion-forward look and was great for a day of library studying. Let’s take a look at her gorgeous Free People dress. It has this loose-fitting silhouette making it super comfortable for a long day in the library.  The print is the typical hippie vibe that Free People is known for. It is a great print that is not too distracting, but will brighten your mood if you start feeling the homework time blues. She threw on some black leggings underneath because it is definitely not warm enough for bare legs yet. On her feet, she wears a black combat boot to stay with the comfy, but trendy theme. To complete her look, this Fashionista adds a dainty necklace that is just the right amount of shine.

A day at the library does not have to mean yoga pants and a Victoria’s Secret sweatshirt. There are ways to be stylish and library appropriate. So this week take some advice from this awesome Fashionista before heading to a study session at the library.

One Simple Change: Going out to dinner with some friends after a long day of studying? No problem! Dress up this look by layering on a leather jacket and adding a sassy red lip.