It’s midterm season and that means late night trips to Starbucks and, of course, going to the library. The library is essentially the perfect place to get away from all distractions.The environment itself helps motivate students to get things done! It can sometimes be utilized as a group project hot spot. So, what do you wear if you’re headed to a group meeting at the library? Well, if you’re lacking ideas on what to wear, don’t fret! This week’s Fashionista has the perfect combination of edge and comfort that I’m sure you would love to emulate.

I saw this Fashionista with her Starbucks coffee, confidently walking toward the library. What I like most about this Fashionista’s look is how well she seems to retain her sense style with ’90s trends, while still incorporating simple, everyday, wearable clothing. Her gray crop top adds softness to the green parka she’s wearing. Then, this Fashionista went for floral pattern mini skirt that adds extra flair that balances out the top. The loose skirt gives her room to breath. Plus, the texture is crispy, which makes it easy for her sit comfortably. In addition, the black leggings act as the perfect cover-up if cold air is blasting in the room. The black tights also add an edginess to the contrast of the purple floral pattern.

The perfect touch to any outfit, I believe, is accessories. Here, she combines all accessories perfectly by adding a light texture to her overall look. The Fashionista effortlessly wears both gold and silver together. Her small, unique earrings help accentuated her features and don’t boggle down the rest of her outfit. The bracelet is definitely a ’90s trend we are currently loving—the tattoo chocker. It defines the grunginess she has on the ripped tights. This Fashionista’s style will be easy to emulate for those of you who don’t want to overdress or underdress. It will definitely make you feel fashionable and at ease while studying or meeting group members at the library!

One Simple Change: Finals will soon arrive, which means you will probably be at the library 24/7. The science library is open 24/7 during finals week and it is essential to wear something that will easily transition from day to night, if you plan to stay all day. Simply throw on a thicker jacket to cover up. As for the bottom, wear a pair of loose jeggings for comfort.