As we approach March, the problem with winter is no longer the temperature, but rather the cabin fever. Unfortunately this happens when you haven’t left your room in a while. It is surprising how much better a simple outing can make you feel; whether you go to the library or to the student center, the reminder that life still exists in winter is nice. Instead of seeing the same four walls you finally start to feel like a human again and you may develop a new appreciation for your campus.

This Fashionista was making her way to the library. Her coat gets an A plus for length, style and warmth. It ends mid-thigh which is important because warm legs are a must for walking anywhere and bomber jackets don’t always cut it. Her scarf and hat combo are a necessity that no Fashionista should ever leave the house without. The gray sweater this Fashionista layers underneath is adorable and contrasts perfectly with her lacy white top. This outfit comes across as chic because of the all-black tights, while her maroon cabin socks add a cute touch to the outfit. All in all, this Fashionista’s look has a vintage-inspired feel because of the little details. Not only is she comfy, warm and ready to brave the weather but she is still fashionable for the library. Probably the most important part of her outfit is her leather satchel. This is such a unique way to carry your books and it really adds character to this Fashionista’s outfit.

One Simple Change: Are you heading to class? Instead of tights and a skirt put on some slim fitting jeans instead and you’ll be even warmer.