Well, I hate to say it Fashionista/os, but the middle of the semester is upon us, which means, “Yay, spring break!” But, most importantly, “Oh no, midterms!” Yes, the dreaded midterm exams. Endless hours devoted to studying, scribbling on notecards, zombie clicking through PowerPoint presentations and gulping down double-shot espresso cups of coffee. Sounds like time well spent, right? As much as all of that may seem drab, it’s no excuse to not continue to wear your stylish outfits. Especially with numerous fashion weeks going on all around the globe, the time couldn’t be more convenient to dress up and keep your grades up.

The library is the most crowded place during examination times here on campus, so it’s safe to say that whatever outfit you wear will be seen by many. I saw this Fashionista on her way to study at the library, and I couldn’t help but notice her eye-catching (literally) tote, which is perfect for carrying all of her needed supplies. In addition to her cheery tote is her simple and sophisticated kate spade wallet, which is essential for holding her student identification to get into the library as well as gift cards for coffee and study snacks.

What I adored most about this outfit was how she incorporated a lot of color compared to the typical darker hues of the winter season, considering spring break is so close. Her necklace contrasts extremely well with her relaxed and comfy sweater, and her forest green pants keep the outfit on a springy color palette. This Fashionista will keep everyone around her studying thinking of the quickly approaching spring break!

One Simple Change: Meeting some friends for dinner/dessert to take a break from all of the studying? Keep a pair of ‘70s-inspired booties in your bag to slip on for some added evening fun!