The semester has reached its peak, and classes are in full swing. To make things worse, the weather does not seem to be letting up much and spring is so close, yet so far. Fighting the urge to stay cozy indoors, marathoning television series, is particularly difficult at this time. When stuck in a mood like this, I always look to style to reboot my mind and get it, and my body, running—to the library, that is. En route to my daily cram session, I spotted this Fashionisto sporting a fuss-free look perfect for the focus-enhancing environment of a library.

Dressing for campus buildings is always a challenge because of their unpredictable temperature settings. This Fashionisto seems to have found a solution to that matter with his choice of light, but warm, pieces. An olive utility-style jacket adds some interest to the look as do the colored denim. Even though the pants are reddish, they don’t overshadow the details of the jacket. With a messenger bag slung across his body and some comfortable go-to boots as footwear, this Fashionisto gets it very right. His look strikes a balance between style and comfort. The complementary color palette will definitely help him stand out in the library, where style is often forgotten for the sake of studies.

On that note, the misconception among some students is that fashion needs to be ignored when faced with stressful situations. Fashion can actually serve as an outlet to escape such stress; it also pushes for creative thinking, which is always important in academia no matter what major is being pursued.

One Simple Change: For a look more appropriate for spring, switch out the jacket for a graphic shirt that is sure to make a statement!