When visiting the library, it’s easy to spot a multitude of different styles. Many times, these looks fall on very different ends of the style spectrum. There are people who look like they’ve just rolled out of bed, but there are also people who are very overdressed. No one wants to be at either extreme, but it can be difficult to gauge what is appropriate for a study session—especially if you’re crushing on one of your group members!

Despite the difficulty of finding a middle ground between too casual and too dressy, this Fashionista did it with grace. I was impressed to see her in a dress, even though the weather was very cold. I also love that she put leggings underneath, which made the outfit both casual and practical. Faux fur has also been popular on the Ithaca College campus this winter, so I was not surprised that this Fashionista used her furry hood to keep warm on the walk back from the library. She also told me that the fur on her hood is removable! I’m all about practicality and cost efficiency, so not having to bring this gorgeous coat to the dry cleaners is a huge bonus for me.

Overall this Fashionista nails her library look, but not because she chose cute clothes. While choosing pieces that complement each other is definitely a big part of rocking any look, what’s unique about creating an ensemble for the library is that you don’t want to look like you’re trying to hard. Striking a balance between sweatpants and a cocktail dress isn’t easy, but this Fashionista proves that it certainly can be done.

One Simple Change: Going straight from a study session to date night? Switch out the furry coat for a blazer to dress up your look.