So it’s a typical Sunday morning when you wake up. You realize you have to somehow get through the loads of work you’ve neglected all weekend. Time to hit the library! But what do you wear? You want to be comfortable because you know you’re going to be there for the entirety of the day and most likely night, but let’s face it, the library is a social scene and you have to look good. So how do you look cute while also feeling comfy?

This Fashionista sports a comfy cardigan and white T-shirt paired with purple Aztec printed jeans and boots. The jeans are bold and paired with the plain white T-shirt make her look seem effortless yet trendy. Her soft knit cardigan keeps her comfortable and relaxed in an atmosphere full of stress. She completes her look with a gold layered moon and bar necklace.

Her patterned pants give her casual outfit a bit of edge. Instead of a pattered top, the patterned bottoms bring attention to the bottom half of the outfit and show off her legs. A long cardigan complements patterned pants perfectly by leading the eyes to the Fashionista’s legs as well. A solid top is best to wear with patterned pants so that there is not too much going on at once. This Fashionista is ready to buckle down on her school work and run into anyone and everyone.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista, and you’ll be sure to pull off the perfect library look that proves you can get loads of school work done in style.

One Simple Change: Going out to a nice dinner with your gal pals? Swap out that sweater for a leather jacket and exchange those casual boots for a pair of high heeled booties! You’ll transform your look from library casual to girls night out appropriate in no time.