Syllabus week is a thing of the past and papers, tests and mounds of homework are being pelted at us from every direction. The one thing that can keep us alive in this never ending battle is a good relationship with the campus library. Quiet and free from distraction, the library is the ideal spot to crack down and hit the books. Snow days seem to be a dime a dozen recently so what better way to spend your day off than catching up on some work? Library goers are notoriously seen sporting their coziest sweats while they study, but there are plenty of ways to stay warm and comfy while still looking stylish.

This Fashionista was headed up the library steps when I spotted her. She utilizes her summer wardrobe by wearing a flowy dress over warm thermal tights. Adding a grungy flannel over the top adds a hint of edge while keeping her nice and warm. Matching the red flannel perfectly are a pair of red rain boots. Trekking around campus in the snow is nearly impossible without a sturdy pair of boots and this Fashionista does a great job adding a pop of color with her functional footwear.

A flannel can be one of the most functional pieces in your closet. From summer to winter, around your waist or thrown over a dress, this menswear inspired look is cute and cozy; the perfect combination for a day at the library. As a girl, I think one of our best kept secrets is that a flowy cotton dress can be just as comfortable as our favorite pair of sweatpants. Throw it over a pair of leggings or tights and you have a library ready look.
This Fashionista walked with pose and confidence and that’s just the attitude you need to have a successful day of studying. With Starbucks in hand, smile on her face and outfit on point, she is ready to take on the library.

One Simple Change: Swapping out the rain boots for a pair of simple combat boots, adding an embellished cross body bag and some fun jewelry and you can take your Saturday study session straight to a night out with the girls!