It is just one of those quiet Sunday mornings here on campus. Unfortunately that means students are rushing to get to work on their assignments and projects due this week. In the library you usually see the oversized shirts, Nikes or sweatpants and shoes like our Sperry’s or sandals. I am an avid oversized shirt and Nikes girl when it comes to working on homework until the wee hours of the morning. When you go to the library to work, you want to wear what makes you feel good and comfortable. Sometimes you see people dressed down, and then you will see someone dressed to impress in skirts, dresses or a bold pair of shoes. A Fashionsta’s/o’s goal for dressing to go to the library is to wear whatever makes you feel good that will put you in the working mood and that gives you some good mojo.

This Fashionista is rocking her Sunday workday in style. She told me she was going to be editing films for her courses this week. What better way to make a workday more tolerable than looking adorable to make yourself feel good? She had this tailored fit and flared houndstooth dress paired with an elegant black lace cardigan. I saw how she channeled some cinematic aspects into her outfit with a black and white ensemble that has a pops of patterns. I loved how the Fashionista integrated pattern into her style where she paired the striking houndstooth textile with delicate lace that created a beautiful balance. She completed her look with a pair of black and white striped wedges. Wearing these shoes can give you a balance of style that elongates your legs and provides comfort while looking for a spare study room in the library.

One Simple Change: If you wanted more warmth and color, you can wear an oversized knitted cardigan in tan, gray or maroon. Also if Fashionistas/os want to dress the look down a bit, you can switch the wedges with a pair of converse or flats.