The library is one of the best spots on campus to get just about anything done, but making sure you’re dressed for success in a casual environment can be difficult. Looking for things to wear in the morning when it is barely above zero and you have three classes back to back can be daunting. Throw in work and having to study for the first round of tests coming up, and it might seem impossible.

I found this Fashionisto on the way to the library to get some studying done in between classes, and he nailed the look. From his sneakers that will keep him comfortable throughout the day, to his multiple layers for whatever building he finds himself in, this Fashionisto is ready to take on campus in style.

This Fashionisto’s pants are perfect for keeping comfortable and stylish. Harem pants can be difficult to pull off, but keeping the rest of the outfit simple is the key to looking put together while still maximizing your outfit potential.

Making sure your bottoms are comfortable is probably the most important part of dressing for an entire day. Sitting in the library for a couple of hours in uncomfortable pants is nearly unbearable. If harem pants aren’t quite your style, fashionable sweatpants are all over right now, for both men and women.

After all the basic comfort needs for the library had been fulfilled, this Fashionisto picked out his perfect accessories. His favorite team hat is a perfect way to show team spirit or cover up a bad hair day. A long chain necklace adds glam to an otherwise sporty outfit, but doesn’t complicate things too much for sitting at a desk for a couple of hours.

When it is all said and done, an outfit like this will carry you through all your studying without a hitch.

One Simple Change: Done studying and ready to hit the town? Take this outfit from library to a night out by swapping the Nike jacket for a button-up and you’re ready to go.