So, school is back in session and you already have a boatload of homework assigned. Clearly you don’t want to do it, but you have to. Going to the library is a good way to do homework in a quite environment and not get distracted. Yes you are at the library to work, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress in sweats all the time.

This Fashionista shows how you can rock the aisles of the library in style. She’s rocking a nice black peacoat with the cuffs folded, exposing the silky texture of the inside of her coat. She also wears an orange and black striped scarf to keep her neck warm in this unpredictable winter. Her oversized fringe, knit scarf peaks through the top and bottom of her coat adding a little color to her all black ensemble.

Keeping in mind that it is still pretty cold and snow is still around, she keeps herself prepared by wearing cute laced-up snow boots that stop mid-calf. Snow boots are necessities if you live in a city that is use to a lot of snowfall. You won’t have to worry about frostbite or slipping so much with them. They come in all kinds of styles and can easily make a fashion statement. Of course this Fashionista wants to stay comfortable at the library as well so she sports every girl’s best friend: black leggings.

One Simple Change: Let’s say you’re about to head to class after your trip to the library. Add in a bold colored bag to really spice up your outfit. It’s a subtle change but it adds a bit of sophistication. You won’t have to worry about carrying your books in your hand. You can just put them in your bag!