It’s no crime to want to look good while going to the library to study, especially if you’re meeting up with some friends. The classic base to start off with is a T-shirt and jeans. There are so many textures and graphics you can add to this base to give it that added, chic flair.

This Fashionista wore an acid-washed graphic crop top paired with some acid-washed skinny jeans. The recurrence of the acid-washed texture in her outfit gave it that extra oomph of grunge. For a touch of sweetness, she shrugged on a comfy blush-colored cardigan, which also contrasted well with the grunginess of the rest of her look. For shoes, she rocked a pair of black studded sneaker wedges by GUESS, which are perfect for reaching books on the top shelf. If you really think about it, it almost is like wearing secret heels to the library! It’s the perfect way to achieve an elegant height without coming off too fancy for a simple study sesh.

Basically, the main mantra you’ve got to always tell yourself is to just wear whatever makes you makes happy and comfortable. If you’re stuck on what to wear, you can always fall back on classic combinations and then go from there with how you tailor it to your own style.

One Simple Change: Work hard, play hard, right? If your friends invited you to a concert later tonight, just swap out your cozy cardigan for an edgy leather jacket and you’ve got the perfect transition to a concert-ready outfit. What’s more is that you’ve already got the height from your shoes to help you see through the crowd!