With dreadful midterms upon us, many will find themselves heading to the library for a necessary late night study session. While lounging around, stress snacking and cramming in the first half of the semester, this Fashionista defies the “basic girl” status quo by looking absolutely adorable in this comfortable and cute ensemble.

This Fashionista is on point as she heads to hit the books in her cozy, knee length sweater. The unique shape and texture adds detail while still being soft and warm. Her fleece lined leggings are a must for the chilly trek across the quad. Similarly, her Dr. Marten boots keep her feet dry and toasty in the current tundra.

Pulling the outfit together while looking so cute, are her quirky glasses and amazing watch. Fitting the library theme, her adorable specs add a fun element to the look. With the watch, she not only keeps time or makes a statement with the killer arm candy, but does good for the planet too! The brand of watch she sports, We Wood, will plant a tree for every watch purchased. Along with other environmental sustaining acts, We Wood is a company providing fashion with a purpose.

Become inspired by this Fashionista’s eye for style and earth conscious choices by easily replicating this amazing look. Study your best while looking your best in a long, pretty sweater, leggings, boots and accessories. Each piece in the outfit is so versatile and perfect for the season.

One Simple Change: The midterms maybe over, but your social life is not. When heading out for the weekend swap the casual boots for a more refined leather pair to class things up.