Now that school is in full swing, it’s time to put the relaxation on hold and hit the books. One of the most popular places on VCU’s campus is Cabell library. Not only is it the most popping place to complete your study and homework load but it also holds everyone’s favorite place on earth: Starbucks. The fact that classes are now in session does not mean it’s time to also put your cutest clothes to the back of your closet. You never know who you might see, especially at the campus library.

These two Fashionistas were taking a break from the stress and enjoying their coffee together outside on a local bench. Being cooped up in the library all day had no effect on their outfit choices for the day. These two lovely individuals were trendsetting the retro look with a long furry trench coat, which was quite an eye-catcher. They also were wearing vintage platform leather booties. Another trending favorite this season is the over the knee socks. To top it off, they paired them with a winter classic of a wool coat to keep herself warm this winter.

These ladies certainly hit the mark on a blast from the past look for their day at the library. Use these Fashionistas as role models; no matter the time, place or occasion, you must always look your very best. You never know who you may run into on your next coffee break. There are different ways and many styles to express at all times but never let a day in the books bring your style down.

One Simple Change: If you’re leaving your study session at the library to meet some friends downtown for a girls night, bring a patterned headband or a clip with some embellishment to throw your hair back. Keep it cute and stylish when you’re in a rush transferring yourself from day time to night.