As we dive into our classes and the work load becomes heavier and heavier, the library becomes more populated. It’s the perfect, quiet place to get all of your work done. However, if you dress in sweats and a raggy sweatshirt, it can make you feel unmotivated. A study session at the library could easily turn into binge watching your favorite series on Netflix. The Fashionista knows how to dress for success and get all of her work done at the same time. She combines comfortable with professional for the perfect library outfit.

Her bright blue blouse was a key piece to this look. The texture of the shirt and the buttons on the collar really made this piece unique. Although the blouse already pops, this Fashionista pairs it with neutrals to give it an extra flare. The finishing touches of this outfit include riding boots and a watch. The riding boots are the perfect solution to combat the snow in style, and the watch adds an extra sparkle to the outfit. Perfect for the bleak winter days!

Next time the work load piles up, and you find yourself in need of a long day at the library, remember to dress for success. Not only will you feel better about yourself, but you will also get all of your work done; feeling accomplished and fashionable at the same time.

One Simple Change: Have a last minute presentation coming up? Swap the leggings for a nice pair of cropped dress pants and the riding boots for a pair of heels. Ta-da! You are ready for a perfect presentation to match your perfect outfit.