It is now that time of the year when classes are in full swing and it seems like you’re spending more and more time at the library. Late night study sessions end up turning into sleepless nights packed with Redbull, Monster and coffee. Nights like these require an outfit that is considered to be comfortably chic. Combining comfort and style is what makes this Fashionista’s outfit perfect for those late nights in the library, especially since you will still need an outfit to walk to class in the next morning.

Libraries tend to feel a lot colder than most areas around campus, so warmth is essential for situations like these. This Fashionista paired a graphic sweater with some slouchy boyfriend jeans to give her that chic, laid back and comfortable look that is still library approved. Finishing off her outfit with a muted pair of Birkenstocks plays off with the very muted and monochromatic feel of her outfit without having to compromise style for comfort.

As for accessories, this Fashionista went for a very bright colored tote bag and a black and white bandana that she used to wrap around her head. Because her outfit was very monochromatic and muted in color, the yellow tote bag is the perfect pop of color that this Fashionista needed to make her outfit stand out. Not only are tote bags an essential accessory for most girls, but they are also good for carrying around your books and school supplies in style.

Follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista and you will be sure to achieve the perfect transitional library look that you can wear to class the next day.

One Simple Change: If you’re feeling hesitant about the whole baggy look, you can always switch out some pieces for things that are more form fitting to you. Slip on a pair of skinny jeans or more of a form fitting sweater that suits your level of comfort and style. This change will take you from a comfortable library ready look to equally cozy weekend wear.