It may still be fairly early into the spring semester, but it’s never too early to study for upcoming exams. While we are spending hours at the library staying on top of our work, it is essential that we are dressed properly and comfortably. I spotted a Fashionista leaving the library one morning who was wearing the perfect outfit for studying and researching.

With the cold weather outside and the heat up high indoors, it’s always a good idea to dress in layers. This Fashionista did so with her puffer coat, long cardigan, T-shirt and scarf. Her plaid scarf is what initially caught my eye because I loved the blue, green and red color combination. Together, all of these layers allowed this Fashionista to be as warm as possible while outside and in control of her warmth while inside.

Aside from her layering skills, this Fashionista was very intuitive with her choice in textiles for her outfit. For pants, she wore a pair of cotton leggings, which is a go-to for a day of lounging and doing school work. Her knit sweater can also be considered a go-to piece for its softness and comfort, as well as it versatility. Knit cardigans serve the purpose of keeping us warm, but still give us the option to remove it easily.

For her bag, this Fashionista opted for a black Michael Kors tote bag instead of the usual backpack. This purse was large enough to fit notebooks and possibly even a laptop, and it was a great complement to her overall look.

If you’ve been trying to find a comfortable way to dress for the library, take note of this Fashionista’s style. She did it perfectly with layering and choosing comfortable fabrics, adding texture to her outfit.

One Simple Change: For a weekend wear outfit that would be ideal for brunch, wear a skirt and tights instead of leggings.