Syllabus week! Syllabus week! Syllabus week! Yes, right now on campus as I type, many of my fellow college students are being bombarded with their potential best friend or worst enemy of the semester—the syllabus. The hangout spot right now is the library or Club Willis as we say here at UNT. So what should you wear for this glorious occasion? Just because you’re taking a quick trip to the library doesn’t mean you can’t still look fashionable.

While hanging around campus trying to keep my own self sane, I stumbled across a Fashionista with the perfect outfit. Starting with the basics is key and is a no fail strategy for any outfit. The base of the outfit is two of the most comfortable pieces one could have in their closet: black leggings and a loose fit white shirt. Because it is a little breezy outside and definitely chilly in the library, the thick knit cardigan is sure to keep you warm. This Fashionista uses her accessories to pull the outfit together for a put together look. Her nude flats, black Tory Burch bag and dainty plaid bow are the perfect accessories for this look.

Whether you’re brushing off the hype of this week or pulling your hair out, you can never go wrong with this comfortable outfit for any trip to the library.

One Simple Change: It may be colder where you live, so to combat the cold weather slip on some boots of any kind to keep those toes warm!