It might still be the beginning of the spring semester, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in the library cramming already. I mean, I’m not there yet, which I’m not complaining about, but I’m here for you guys that are stuck studying for long hours. We all have those weeks! It’s a struggle to care about what you look like when your first test is coming up and you need to kill it just in case you bomb a test later. Let’s think about the alternatives to sweats and oversized T-shirts at the library.

This Fashionista has the right idea; simple, comfortable and cute. She’s wearing a sweater, distressed jeans and white Keds. What more do you really need for the library? I like this outfit because we all have it in our closets somewhere. Some girls go to the library with the intention of finding Mr. Right and others go to stay in there for days at a time. You can do both with this outfit. Just grab a nice sweater like this one; it’s minimal with a lace pattern at the bottom to add a bit of style. Tilly’s has something similar. I love distressed jeans with any outfit, so find a pair you love. Here are some lovely skinny jeans from Shopbop. If you’re going to be studying for a long time and don’t want a tight fit, you should opt for boyfriend jeans like these from Shopbop. Now for the Keds! You can get them at most places and they are cute with most casual outfits. Just try this pair from Kohl’s. If you do wear the boyfriend jeans, these high-top Converse All-Stars from Finish Line would complete the look perfectly.

One Simple Change: This outfit is already perfect to take to class. For class, you may be a little less stressed out so you can do a little more with this outfit. Go for a nice natural look with your makeup and a necklace. I really like this layered necklace combination from Forever 21.