So, a new semester is beginning and its time to return to your second home: the library. While being at the library means long hours of reading and studying, it doesn’t always have to be so boring. Plus, just because you’re going to study doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. After all, you never know who you’ll bump into while cramming for that biology exam!

This Fashionista happens to be standing on the steps of Widener, one of Harvard University’s many libraries and home to over three million books. She has the perfect outfit for your next study session! It has the perfect blend of both style yet comfort. She has both leggings and a tank top, perfectly comfortable for the long hours she’ll spend sitting and reading. Her vibrant cardigan shows both school spirit (Go Crimson!) and a burst of color in contrast to this gray weather. Her dark, brown boots complement her leggings with a darker shade of brown. To top it all off, her leather book bag is both fashionable and sturdy enough to hold all her books!

The most important aspect of dressing up for the library is to keep comfort in mind. Although being fashionable is a plus, focusing on your academics in the library is your top priority. Thus, that means you can forget the high heels or mini skirts. Boots or sneakers will be your best friend for the occasion. Throw on a warm cardigan over that and you’re ready to go!

One Simple Change: Have a date night or girl’s night out immediately after your cram session? Just throw on a statement necklace that’s sure to make you stand out. This will create an equally comfortable yet more classy appearance!