Heading to the library can be intimidating and dreadful, but the perfect outfit can make the experience a little less scary. During the cold weather, a nice cozy outfit can be comforting while getting your work done in the library. Wearing the ideal outfit also makes you feel good about yourself and gets you into the mindset of studying. There are so many ways to dress for success on your way to the library.

This stylish student was heading to the library in a model outfit. Both comfortable and cute, this outfit effortlessly fits right in. The sand and navy colored scarf from J.Crew is the perfect accessory for the library. It is important to wear something soft and relaxed to the library so you feel at ease while studying. A relaxed pair of jeans such as these boyfriend jeans from Topshop would make this outfit even more comfy. Simple white high-top Converse top off this look giving it a casual feel. Alternatives to converse are these simple yet stylish Supergas.

The look on this Fashionista is super fashionable because it gives different styles from the light ripped jeans to the preppy scarf. It is appropriate for the library because it is easy to feel comfortable in and also feel stylish at the same time. This Fashionista is no doubt dressed for success!

One Simple Change: If you’re going straight to dinner after the library, maybe throw on a pair of gray booties to make the outfit a little more dressy.