Deciding what to wear to the library can be a tough decision. If you are meeting with a group of people for a project, you want to look presentable. However, you also want to be comfortable working in the library all day. When you walk into the building, we all know you get starred down by people sitting by tables near the door. That makes it hard because you have to commit to the outfit all day. Especially when it starts becoming windy and cold, comfort usually wins over style. This Fashionista incorporates both comfort and style in her ensemble when heading to the library.

As you can see, this Fashionista is sporting a beautiful tan peacoat. This peacoat is perfect because it not only keeps her warm, but it also extenuates her figure. This way she is adding layers to her wardrobe without looking too bulky. The jacket is also simple to take on and off that way she can keep cool inside and keep warm outside. A peacoat is essential in any Fashionista’s wardrobe because it goes perfectly with black leggings. These black leggings are a great addition to her library wardrobe because they are slimming yet extremely comfortable. These leggings in particular are also thicker with a line down the middle of the leg, adding a bit of texture to the usual solid black design. The leggings paired with the black buttons on the peacoat really tie in the look.

This Fashionista also added a red and gray striped scarf to bring in some color and warmth. Scarves are very useful at adding some flare to a solid color shirt or sweater. On a windy day, it is nice to add an extra layer to increase your ability to stay warm. In another attempt to stay warm, this Fashionista finished her look with a classic brown pair of riding boots, allowing a little bit of her cream boot socks to pop out.

Let this Fashionista guide you to success when deciding the perfect library outfit. Not only does this Fashionista look studious, she also looks stylish.

One Simple Change:  So your group asks you to go out to dinner after working so hard at the library. What do you wear? Trade the casual scarf for a funky, colorful piece of jewelry for a more fun approach.