Whether it is exam time or you have a big paper, you usually find yourself heading towards the library. You never want to overdress for something so casual; however, you do not want to look like a slob especially walking across a campus in the middle of a city. The perfect balance for us girls may be a pair of leggings and a cute top with sneakers or for a guy, a pair of jeans with a sweater depending on the weather. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure you are comfortable since you may be sitting in the same place for a few hours!

This Fashionisto has picked the perfect outfit looking chic without overdressing. He decided to pair a coat from AllSaints with a blue sweater from Bloomingdale’s. This Fashionisto also went to Bloomingdale’s to get his jeans, which are a distressed black, making his outfit look more dimensional. I love how this Fashionisto knows that adding a pop of color somewhere really accentuates the outfit when it consists of mainly black.

My favorite piece of this Fashionisto’s outfit is the Louis Vuitton District PM. This bag is simple yet adds something special to the outfit. It is studious and does not stand out too much. The bag is in black as well to complement the outfit.

Overall, this outfit is simple yet studious. By going with all black and only one colored piece, this color scheme draws attention to the Fashionisto’s face! This outfit is perfect for going to the library because the Fashionisto shows off his amazing style with a relaxed look while still remaining chic in a big city.

One Simple Change: You end up studying in the library all day and want to get a nice dinner with friends? Just take off the bag and put on a simple dress shirt instead of a sweater to dress up the look!