WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

Whether it be for a job or internship, your style needs to be top notch for the interview. We’ve all learned that first impressions are important, so let your style speak for itself with a clean-cut classic look.

Depending on what position you’re applying for, be sure that your look matches the position. For example, someone who’s applying for an in-office internship would wear something much different from someone who is interviewing for a camp counselor job. Reflect your style while staying professional.

This fashion-forward student is sporting a vibrant blue button-up with a gray vest then layering with a sleek hum coat from Zara. On the bottom he is wearing charcoal pants and black dress shoes. The blue button-up, peeking out from the rest of the monochromatic apparel, gives the look depth. It’s a beautiful eye-catching color that complements his complexion.

Steer clear of wearing anything revealing or distracting to the interview. While your style should say a lot about your personality, it’s better to be neutral enough so that the interviewer is able to concentrate on your skills and talents.

One Simple Change: Done with your interview and ready to go out? Swap out the hum coat and vest for a black leather jacket. This would tailor the look for a casual date or a night out. A leather jacket is still on the dressy side however it’s a bit more causal than something you’d wear in the office. With the perfect leather jacket, edginess is added to a classic look.