WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

The importance of jobs and internships in college is crucial. Whether you have an interview for an internship or an actual job related to your career field, you have to recognize the direness of the situation. The jobs you have in college can prepare you for the transition into adulthood and can give you vital experience. You want to impress the company before they even say a single word. This can be easily accomplished by wearing an outfit that exudes your personality and sophistication, while appearing slightly formal.

This Fashionisto keeps his interview outfit sort of typical with a button-down shirt and tie. What sets his ensemble apart from the basic interview attire are his accessories and color choices. His accessories reflect his personality and demeanor. He wears a sandalwood prayer bracelet and a colorful bohemian-looking belt. This gives a down-to-earth vibe to an otherwise basic interview outfit. The Fashionisto’s shoes are my favorite part of the outfit. He wears gray and brown two-tone brogues. This will help him stand out because most male interviewees would wear simple black dress shoes.

The button-down he’s sporting isn’t totally typical; it’s a more Western styled piece due to the two breast pockets and denim material. Matching a tie to a button-down can be the trickiest decision. This Fashionisto knew to keep his tie pattern simple so it wouldn’t be distracting or clash with his colorful accessories. So, he selected a simple dotted tie with neutral colors.

One Simple Change: If this interviewee throws on a blazer with this outfit, then it could work perfectly for a formal or date night look.