WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

As the end of the semester approaches, college students across the country are looking for a productive way to occupy their time during the summer. Whether it’s interning for a corporation in the city or working a job back at home, the first crucial step in the application process is to interview. The skills and abilities you can bring to the table are obviously crucial, but a professional outfit is necessary to ensure you and your ideas are taken seriously.

Choosing an outfit for an interview may seem daunting, but this Fashionista proves selecting the perfect professional ensemble is no biggie. It’s always advantageous to wear a nice dress or skirt to an interview to show you care about how you present yourself. Color is very important here as well. Pairing two subdued colors, such as tan and black, keeps the look business casual.

Her chic dress fits nicely and contrasts well with her black blazer. I recommend keeping at least one blazer in your closet on standby because a Fashionista/o must be prepared to dress for all occasions. This Fashionista’s black tights not only keep her legs warm but help to maintain modesty as well. As for shoes, boots are definitely the way to go. When paired with a dress and tights, they become elevated to interview status. Pass on the black heels; they can be too uncomfortable. A Fashionista should concentrate on acing her interview rather than how much pain her feet are in! Finally, delicate jewelry adds flair to this outfit without being too embellished.

One Simple Change: Family coming to visit for a parent’s weekend? Maintain modesty with this outfit, but swap the blazer for a casual leather jacket. Mom and dad will love the professional yet relaxed look.