WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

So, you managed to schedule an interview with a company that is absolutely perfect for you. The last thing you want is to wear something that ruins it. You want the recruiter to respect you, and what you wear is a huge part of the first impression. Finding the line between too formal and too casual can be very difficult, and it takes research about the position you are applying for. This Fashionista just finished a casual interview for a summer internship and feels confident about what she is wearing.

The most important advice for an interview is to dress modestly. It’s best to be covered up as much as possible so the employer can focus on your qualities and personality. This Fashionista has great style, but still looks modest and mature. She is wearing a flowy dress that doesn’t cling to her body and is much longer than fingertip length. The belt gives the dress shape and the material is on trend. Her hair and makeup is kept clean, simple and natural-looking as well.

Since it was a casual interview, her boots are perfect. High heels can be distracting, loud and uncomfortable, so these flats are a good bet. They are nice quality without any scuffs or holes, and she is wearing them neatly laced. This Fashionista is working minimum accessories, which keeps her outfit from being distracting as well. She has one ring, earrings and a small scarf to keep her warm. These accessories make the outfit look put together and unique without trying too hard. She pairs the outfit with a nice warm coat that matches her dress perfectly.

This Fashionista is guaranteed to be taken seriously and make a statement in the real world. Follow her lead, and stay modest and tasteful in your next interview.

One Simple Change: Have to run to class straight from your interview? Throw on a pair of leggings and take off the jewelry so you’ll feel more comfortable in class.