WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

It’s that time of year: students are scrambling as they try to line up jobs, internships and advanced study programs for the summer. First impressions are everything in the hiring game, so presenting yourself in a clean, classy manner is essential. This Fashionista approaches interviews at career fairs with solid preparation in both her business skills and her wardrobe.

Sporting a jacket reminiscent of Coco Chanel’s famous tweed suits, she signals three major characteristics–classy, stylish and professional. The crisp fit of her jacket serves as the centerpiece over a sleek, all-black ensemble. She is dressed appropriately for the event, but is far from boring or matronly.

The necklace unifies the chains of the jacket pockets, and the other minor black and silver accessories give it a dressed up look without trying too hard. The heeled combat boots also keep the look polished without being too much, as well as provide a more comfortable, sensible option than heels. Adding a personal touch and some character to her otherwise business casual attire, she pins a bright red flower in her curls for a subtle contrast and pop of color. Although the flower is the only colorful component of her outfit, the red lip complements it. She has attained the perfect harmony between a professional sense and a personal relatability.

One Simple Change: Depending on the season of your interview, swap out the jacket for a seasonally appropriate choice. A lighter, knit blazer works well in the spring, while layering a trench coat would be effective when temperatures drop and snow begins to fall. If it is the occasion you are in need of adjusting for, lose the jacket and throw on something more casual for an evening look to go out in, such as a leather jacket.