WHAT TO WEAR: Interviews

First impressions are key when it comes to interviewing and in the fashion industry, the biggest first impression comes from your outfit. Being in New York City, Fashionistas at Pace are taking advantage of every opportunity this city has to offer. Being prepared for the many interviews they’ll go to is the first, and most crucial, step.

The perfect interview-ready outfit comes with a few unspoken guidelines that every Fashionista should know. Your look needs to be professional and appropriate, but also express your personality and style—what makes you stand out from the other interviewees?

This Fashionista nailed her outfit. It consisted of appropriate, monochromatic pieces. but also included fun patterns and textures that let her personal style shine through. With a very Upper East Side, chic feel, she follows all the guidelines for the perfect interview attire. This Fashionista chose a patterned skirt, which is a great eye-catching piece without being too revealing. She paired her skirt with a cool cutout bodysuit, which draws attention to the cape coat that is so in right now (and that shows her interviewer that she keeps up with trends). To complete her look, she wore plain black flats, a key piece that should be in every Fashionista’s closet, to keep comfortable when shuffling from interview to interview.

One Simple Change: Have plans for the night after a long day of interviews? Transform this outfit from day to night with a simple pair of black heels to make this classy, professional outfit a fancier, more chic one.