WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

You may be going to an interview on campus. Maybe an organization you’re in asks that you show off your professional style once a week. Or maybe your business class requires you to come to class very polished and professional. Regardless of the reason, everyone wants to figure out how to pull off that professional look but maintain his or her personal style.

This Fashionista wears an interview ready look that lets everyone know that she’s not afraid of her own style. She wears a short, gray tweed blazer and pairs it with a simple black tank. To keep the look professional, she also wears a pair of gray slacks. The slacks are a perfect fit, fitted enough to show off her femininity, but loose enough to display that she knows where she’s going.

The key pieces to this outfit are really the shoes and accessories. This Fashionista wears a teal necklace around her neck to add a pop of color to the outfit. The necklace is fantastic for this outfit because it isn’t overly bedazzled with sparkles or entirely too fancy. It’s simple, yet it’s classy enough for the occasion. She also keeps very simple with the rest of her accessories, only wearing a gold ring that she wears every day. The best part is, she doesn’t stop there with her look. She wears a pair of hot pink flats that scream, “hello!” at you each time you look at them. Not really, of course, but they sure do catch your eye.

Do you have a day coming up that will require you to dress professionally? Follow this example and be sure that your look not only shows off who you could be in a work atmosphere but, more importantly, shows off who you are.

One Simple Change: Did your interview go so well that you landed the job? If you want to celebrate afterwards by having lunch with friends, you won’t have to change your whole outfit. Simply switch out your favorite pair of trousers with a skirt and tights and keep your day going!