WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

When we Fashionistas/os are interviewing for a job, we just see it as a way to spotlight our professional attire. When I spotted this Fashionista on the way to an interview, I knew she was going to get the job. Her sophisticated button-down with the standout accessories make her look neat, organized and chic. This Fashionista makes it look easy, and surprise, it is!

This look is so simple yet professional. Employers will not be able to resist your cool-girl but in-control style, especially for a position a little less formal. Everything from the button-down, to the matching accessories to the black ballet flats shows that she’s ready for business. The cardigan over the button-down gives it a clean, sleek look the employer will be looking for. When going into an interview, remember to dress for the job, or maybe even a notch better than what the job requires, because if you dress to impress, it shows.

This Fashionista chose a soft pink, pinstriped button-down with pale pink and gold accessories to match. These accessories keep the outfit modern. The chunky necklace gives the traditional button-down and sweater a modern day flare. By adding matching bangles, the outfit gets a sweeter, femme vibe. This expresses personal style while also keeping the outfit neat.

Dressing for a big interview can be stressful, so be sure to ask your Fashionista/o pals for a second opinion. Don’t make the outfit too busy; it’ll distract from your dazzling personality. Keep the garments simple, and add some flare with the accessories. Good luck!

One Simple Change: If it starts to get a little too chilly, just put on a business casual trench coat to add a sophisticated outer layer.