WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

Wow, what a couple of weeks it has been. The warm spring weather graced students with a fashionably late entrance AND Madison had a remarkable fashion week! That being said, it is spring. We all know what that means: interviews upon interviews. Are you fashionably equipped? An interview can be a very intimidating occasion to dress for (at least it is for me). You want to add your own touch to make the look personal and reflect yourself, while keeping it pretty professional. This leaves many to question just how much personal flare is acceptable?

This Fashionista exemplifies how to add your own dash of fabulousness to grace that interview (besides your personality). Her high-waisted black dress pants do a great job of exuding professionalism. The high-waist aspect creates interest and cinches her waist line (hello confidence, win-win!). Her magenta top is the perfect amount of a colorful pop and this neckline is a winner in interviews. It’s not too low yet it is still sophisticated and fun.  Our Fashionista then rounds off this look with an extended length blazer—this can really show off your style and keep you looking polished, prepared and professional. I have one word for her shoes: perfection. It’s generally recommend that one wear closed toe shoes to interviews, as it is more professional in the workplace. These black booties she wears are a prime example of trendy professionalism. They are closed with a pointy toe (which in my opinion, exudes power), black suede and have a thick heel. Suede is currently trendy and thick heels usually equate to added comfort; ladies, remember this if you have multiple interviews in a day. On your way to an interview you want to be feeling your absolute best, so grab those retro sunglasses that give you a confidence boost. Bring your favorite black bag to carry your resumes and/or portfolio around in to keep your hands free for those handshakes. Just be yourself and you’ll knock ‘em dead, Fashionistas/os!

One Simple Change: Temperatures are rising quickly. If your climate is too hot for a blouse and blazer, opt for a cute button-down blouse instead.