WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Internships are crucial to understanding your major while also enabling you to receive a plethora of knowledge and learning a variety of skills. What you wear to your interview is just as significant to what you wear throughout your internship. Since first impressions are sadly the last impression, dressing for success is one step to making an internship enjoyable.

Whether you intern in the accessories closet of a fashion magazine or in the marketing department of an ad agency, your clothes are the biggest representation of yourself. This isn’t to say you have to succumb to blazers, dresses and skirts every single day during your summer internship for example, but finding clothes that are professional and appropriate are important. Think about this: If you wouldn’t wear a mini skirt and bandeau top to work in the real world, then there is no place for it at your internship!

Aside from her stunning beauty and radiant skin, this Fashionista caught my eye because of how simple yet professional her attire was. Pencil skirts are typically associated with office wear and this Fashionista ironically works in administration. However, I really like how she chose a paisley pencil skirt rather than going for a traditional black or navy one. Her pencil skirt incorporates summer hues which all blend together perfectly.

In years prior, it wasn’t viewed as common as it is now for women to wear sleeveless shirts in the workplace. However, it is great how this Fashionista is bending traditional rules while also keeping in line with where she works. Plus, it’s the summer so showing a little skin is a surefire safe way not to melt in the blazing sun.

This Fashionista opted for minimal jewelry, but her rose gold watch shows that she is a woman constantly on the go with places to be. The slight gold in her open toes also add a nice touch; simple, casual and stylish. Overall, this Fashionista embodies professional wear with a bit of edge to it. Wherever you are for your internship, this Fashionista shows that it is possible to dress professionally, but still be comfortable and stylish at the same time.

One Simple Change: Adding a clutch to this outfit will allow you take your look from office wear to brunch with your gal-pals or maybe even the lucky person in your life!