WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Summer is finally here, which means lounging by the pool, doing endless fun things in the city and going on great adventures. Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound like your summer? Me neither. One thing most college students can agree on is the vast difference between our expectations and reality of how our summers pan out. If you’re me, you’re hot and sticky all day chasing kids around, lucky to even get mascara on your eyes. For others, many similarly long days of barely making minimum wage are the case. Whatever it is, you’re probably working your tail to make enough money to last a semester’s worth of nights out and Chipotle runs.

As mundane as our days may be, one thing is for sure—we don’t have to sacrifice our style, even within business casual regulations. This Fashionista hardly looks like she’s on her way to her internship at a DC hospital (and I mean that in a good way!). A couple elements dominate this look. First, I cannot rave enough about the versatility of a good leather skirt. Most would think it a staple for a night out, which it is, but throwing it on during the day makes the true statement. Make sure that it’s long enough and simple enough (no embellishments), and the leather skirt should be welcome at any office with any blouse. A printed and colorful top like hers offers an outlet for personality and poise with endless fun options on the market. And let’s not forget about accessories—purses, sunglasses and shoes can be played up or down on any given day to polish off a look of sophistication mixed with the latest trends. I love how this Fashionista chose a fringed pair to rock with her simplistic top and bottom.

A few of my tips? Don’t completely count out the fun things you own for your girl’s nights out or date nights; if they don’t show too much skin, pair them with traditional business-wear, like under a blazer or tucked into wide-leg pants. Jewelry is the best way to stay on trend. This Fashionista turned this typical J.Crew piece into a stylish choker simply by adjusting the chain. Don’t simply look at token business outlets (lookin’ at you, Ann Taylor & J.Crew!); let yourself be creative in any store to look for appropriate but fun items.

One Simple Change: When the day is done, you may not even need to head home or pack a whole new outfit before meeting the girls after work. Take off the blazer and switch to something edgier like a leather jacket to keep your fun blouse working overtime!