WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Every summer, college students scatter all over the world to become interns for various companies. For some, it means getting work experience and coming into contact with the workplace for the first time. For others, it means dressing up like those corporate white-collars always seen walking downtown while chugging their coffee.

Summer work attire can be tricky because we must achieve the perfect balance between professionalism, style and modesty all while managing to stay cool during a time that would normally be allocated to exotic Instagram-worthy vacations.

This Fashionista interns at a law firm downtown and makes the perfect effort to achieve that balance at an office where T-shirts and jeans just won’t do. She’s found the pantsuit that she herself claims to be “made for the modern woman in the workplace” because of the blazer’s chic structure, overall comfort and the pants’ ample pockets. Accessory-wise, she advises all students aspiring to work at more serious firms to keep it simple, because too much jewelry can be distracting during meetings. She still manages to accessorize wisely with stud earrings, one single bracelet and a silver necklace.

Finally, the Fashionista rounds up her look with a pair off black pumps, which she keeps under her desk. She tells me with a capricious smile on her face that she changes into them every morning and changes back into her exercise shoes every evening before heading to the gym.

One Simple Change: Working at a more laid-back office with plans to go out with friends after? Swap out the dress pants for a pair of casual black slacks to get a more easy-going and flexible look.