WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

March 9th, 2016 at 2:00am

You were recently offered your first internship and feel a rush of excitement to begin. You look forward to gaining valuable experiences and networking, but not to wearing the same old suit everyday. How can you possibly express your fashionable self by complying with uniform policy? You may question your apparel choices, wondering if your favorite pieces can be implemented into your professional wardrobe or not.

Dressing for your internship gives you practice on how to appropriately dress for your first job. You experiment with different top and bottom silhouettes, as well as certain colors and prints to flatter your shape and showcase your personal style. In a sea of urban professionals, I spotted this Fashionista who loves to show off her fashion sense at the office. She pulls off a stylish, tailored look by sporting a black blazer over a white button-down blouse, slim-fitting black pants completing the outfit with a pair of black flats. Considering the unpredictable weather in New York City, she layers her outfit to keep warm or cool in any condition. Although this maybe a bit too conservative for her liking, she can easily add her own unique touches by choosing fun yet appropriate accessories. This Fashionista completes her outfit with a statement necklace, watch and a spacious tote bag. The outfit embraces a look that is elegant and professional for her internship.

Depending on how you choose to style professional attire can take your outfit from “nay” to “yay” in minutes. Roll or cuff your sleeves to display a watch and bracelet, like this Fashionista did, match your pocketbook to your outfit or slick your hair back in a bun. An up do is perfect for the office, a high ponytail will show off appropriate earrings. The possibilities are endless!

One Simple Change: Want to transition your outfit into an outfit for a night out with your girls? Trade your flats for heels to make your look more glamorous and fashionable.