WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

March 7th, 2016 at 2:00am

Knowing that at this point you’re closer to the finish line than to your first day of college is a tough feeling. This means that you have to actually start thinking about your future, hopefully by landing an internship that will help you start building your resume. Once you’ve landed said internship this always will come into your mind: “I have nothing to wear.” Been there? I thought so.

You might think that you have to wear a blazer and a shirt to the office everyday, I have good news for you though, you don’t. Of course you should play it safe at the beginning and see what your coworkers are wearing! You want to know what you should and shouldn’t wear to stay appropriate as every office and working environment is different.

I was walking around campus and I bumped into this Fashionista who was wearing a great outfit to wear to an internship. She looks really put together and professional. The blouse is not revealing at all, the shoes are conservative and classic and her bag is the perfect size to put all the stuff you might need in it. As classic as this look is, our Fashionista upgraded the whole thing by wearing a great red pop of color and a statement necklace in the same color scheme than the rest of her outfit. The result? A professional yet fashionable look.

These shoes are perfect for this occassion because they’re classic and comfortable. You don’t want to be walking around all day in sky high stilettos, your feet would probably start killing you one hour in and it wouldn’t be appropriate either. Some people say that leggings aren’t pants but I say otherwise. I think that if you find a great pair of leggings that are not see through and look like they’re good quality, go for it! They can look great as pants, like in this outfit.

One Simple Change: You’re done for the day at the office and you’re meeting some friends for dinner and don’t have time to go home and change? Switch your shoes to black pumps and your bag to a clutch and you’re all set!