WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

The weeks of rain have finally passed, and, of course, the heat is now sweltering. I had gotten used to the rain, so now dressing for the heat has me baffled. I went from having to wear shoes that could withstand getting soaked to having to wear sandals everywhere. Not even a week ago, an umbrella was required every time I left the house. Now, that umbrella is simply taking up extra space in my purse.

Even without the ceaseless rain (which has now ceased) and intense heat, choosing what to wear for an internship can be a daunting task. How do you balance being comfortable while looking professional? The type of internship you have definitely determines how comfortable you get to be and how professional you have to look.

This Fashionista found the perfect balance between comfort and looking professional. Her white, cotton sundress is perfect for battling the heat. It is perfect for an internship in a somewhat casual office setting. Its texture makes it more interesting than a simple sundress, yet is more subtle than a colorful pattern. This Fashionista mixed textures by adding black flats covered in subtle, black rhinestones. Her belt ties the black into the rest of her look while breaking up the white of the dress. Her sky blue Coach purse adds a bit of color without distracting too much from the main piece of the look, the sundress. Her red lipstick adds another pop of color and contrasts with her blue purse. Since it is a subtle red, it doesn’t take away from the rest of her look.

One Simple Change: Add a simple pair of red pumps, a few bracelets and some earrings, and you’re ready for date night.