WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Winter is right around the corner and every college student knows what that means; internships. Yes, it is still cold out but everybody knows that the fashion industry is fast paced and that you should always be one step ahead of the game. This means that while you’re applying for your internships, you should be considering what you are going to be wearing. In any internship, you want to stand out. You want your employers to see you as someone who is going to go above and beyond to succeed at whatever it is that you are doing. It also doesn’t hurt to look nice while you’re doing it.

There are many different routes one can take when planning their perfect internship look. This Fashionista opted for a simple look with solid colors, clean lines and a pop of color. In this look, the mauve trousers is the playful aspect to the outfit. They express a sense of sophisticated fun when paired with the business casual blazer vest. If you want a more adventurous look, wear a pair of embellished pants with a unique pattern to have you stand out from the crowd.

As everyone already knows there is so much more to an outfit than just the clothes. Accessories play just as big a role in a head-to-toe look as the clothing do. Statement earrings can add a dash of flare to a look without being too much or overwhelming. A large bag is a necessity for any intern as it is the perfect way to bring all that they need to stay prepared on a daily basis while still looking trendy.

Finally, the shoes can really make or break the outfit. Often, interns can be on their feet all day running around the city or finishing tasks around the office. Either way it is so important to wear stylish yet sensible shoes. Heels can be a pain after working for many hours so consider a nice flat shoe that has a sense of professionalism but is comfortable enough to wear all day. Sensibility and style go hand in hand and an internship look is the perfect example.

Whether you’re a out and about all day or sitting in a cubicle, having an outfit that makes you feel confident and look professional at your internship is a must-have. There are two things you need to have a great internship experience: an excellent work ethic and a chic outfit.