WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Summertime for college students can be the perfect chance to score an internship or two. Since school is out, we can devote our time to gaining the much needed “real world” job experience and to start making a name for ourselves in our future careers.

Not everyone will be taking up a fashion-related internship, but that doesn’t mean that office attire needs to be lifeless. So, what if the job has a specific dress code; how do you get around that? This Fashionista shows us how! Sporting a flowy tank top in a fun summer pattern, she keeps her bottoms simple with some cuffed jeans and gray suede booties. This Fashionista chose to throw on a black cardigan as well so that she is not overexposed for the office.

Summer is all about bright, bold prints and patterns, so pairing such pieces with neutral cardigans helps tone down their severity while also making them work-appropriate. Now that she’s finally off the clock, she can grab her black, floral-embossed handbag and add some wayfarer shades to complete the look and continue on with her day (She even did a little DIY and painted the sides of her sunglasses silver for an extra pop of color!).

One Simple Change: Heading out after a long day at the office? Even if you are not set on what your final plans are, always stash statement jewelry in your work bag. It doesn’t take up much room or add much bulk to your bag, yet it can be just the right “quick fix” to your outfit. Make sure it is just the right amount of bling to turn heads but not overpower everything. When wearing a busy print, go for something subtle like a cuff bracelet or bangle set in either gold or silver to add that little something extra. Break it out once you’ve clocked out to instantly upgrade this ensemble to the perfect date night or girl’s night look that is sure to make a statement!