WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

June 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

For most people, summer is a time to lie around the pool, attended concerts and hangout around a bonfire. It’s a time when checking emails and taking phone calls are optional. But for college students, summer is the time to get your foot in the door within your field of study and to jump-start your career with an internship. Three months of waking up before nine and making yourself look professional every morning can be tedious and much different than the school year. For a Fashionista, an internship is an excuse to dress up and mix it up in the workplace.

An internship outfit doesn’t have to be dreary, dull or drab to make your look seem professional. A Fashionista/o can take a simple business suit and spice it up to fit his or her personality. Colors and patterns can turn a boring workplace into a place with a vibrant ambiance. In order to dress appropriately for your internship, it doesn’t have to cost you the bank. Use the items that are already hanging in your closet such as a sundress or polyester patterned shirt to wear under a blazer, rather than buying large amounts of button-ups and dress tops.

Looking like she stepped out of a kate spade advertisement, this Fashionista jazzed up the traditional internship attire of a blazer and skirt. She still looks classy and mature even when she adds young patterns and colors. The floral skirt creates a focal point to the look and brings together all the colors in her accessories. Her green purse and peach wedges coordinate flawlessly with the colors in the skirt. The blush pink blazer transforms this look into appropriate business attire. The punch of navy blue in her top adds a unique touch and gives her color scheme an extra boost. Her white sunglasses give her a fun accessory to show off on her commute to work. This look works perfectly for any internship; whether it is a finance or marketing, any workplace needs a little bit of passion and creativity. These characteristics could start with the way you dress for your internship.

One Simple Change: After a long day at your internship, do you want to head to a girl’s night out but don’t have time to change? You can just pack a ruffled tank top or crop top and remove your blazer. This is a time saver and pairs perfectly with your floral skirt, wedges and purse.