WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

With all the summer fun comes along a whole other plate full of responsibilities for students. You may be filling up your summer days with more classes, part-time jobs or even internships. Some of you in the more adventurous bunch do all three! Kudos to you if you’re doing that, just make sure you have time to enjoy your summer with friends, at the beach or, in our case, here in Minnesota at the lakes.

No matter what you decide to focus on this summer, you’re going to need to fully understand how to get your outfits to look the part to not only look good, but to succeed. These pointers may be minimal, but they can go a long way. This time around, the Fashionista I bumped into had on what I thought of as the perfect intern outfit.

This gal rocked a light pair of Levi Brand Jeans skinnies, which is a perfect color choice for the summer season if you’re looking for denim the next few months. This goes for both the ladies and the gentlemen. She topped her outfit with a basic white button-up and accessorized with a lovely silver accent necklace but not in the usual way. She placed it under the collar to make it chic and creative. Note that this Fashionista’s outfit is very minimal, so it can be worn to class, work, an internship or simply out for dinner with the gals. It’s also very affordable.

Her awesome brown leather bag is a Coach bag that she bought while thrifting. She mentioned how she got it from a garage sale for five dollars due to mild wear and tear, now isn’t that something! Basic tops can go for about the same at most stores these days, as well. Keeping the colors neutral for a work or internship outfit is key sometimes, you can always add color with accessories or bags, but don’t be afraid to be bold. Just feel out what occasion you’re trying to look your best for that day! If your gut tells you not to wear that skirt or those jeans, don’t wear them.

Our Fashionista would wear this outfit for an internship due to how it’s a professional, yet casual look. “The first thing people see is your outfit, and it should be a snapshot of your personality,” something we obviously want to convey with what we wear. This is why she decided to wear her star-studded flats, she knows that it’s important to add a bit of yourself to every outfit even in the smallest of ways.

One Simple Change: Pick out a bolder top, either print or color-wise or even just style-wise. An open-back blouse with a bralette for example can make the look go from professional casual to something you can wear for a girl’s night out this summer. Keeping things simple at times isn’t that bad as long as you’re feeling it! Remember that saving yourself money in the process isn’t bad either! Visit thrift stores and find the goodies like our Fashionista’s Coach bag.