WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Interning? I feel you. The stress of summer interning inhabits everyone’s day to day, whether you’re working in finance, fashion, food, etc. Every morning the alarm goes off way too early and I’m reminded of how miserable being an adult is—what happened to the summers of lounging by the pool and driving down to the beach? Well, the upside to summer internships is getting to dress up every day. We all might have to wake up early—some even get our gym sessions in before work—but the trick to being on time is picking out your outfit the night before!

This Fashionista is back and killing it in the perfect work ensemble. NYC is a hot and humid place, but unfortunately office appropriate apparel does not include jean shorts or crop tops. Whether you are working at J.P. Morgan or Harper’s Bazaar, you can dress up in this makeshift suit. All of the necessary body parts are covered, but it is still airy enough to keep you from shvitzing off all of your makeup. The burnt orange gives you a sultry pop of color, the gold necklace brings attention to your face and enhances your tan and the black accessories make the outfit edgy but proper. Zara, which this Fashionista swears by, has the best internship appropriate but weather comfortable and chic clothing options. A trouser goes a long way in the office—airy, form flattering and can be paired with any shoe. Add in a statement bag, like this Balenciaga one, and you are good to go!

Simple Change: Although flats are a necessity at work—I’m looking at all of you fashion interns going on runs—slip on a pair of heels to completely change your outfit. After work happy hour and rooftops are a huge scene in NYC so to switch up this internship outfit from day to night, lose the sandals and throw on some strappy stilettos.