WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Newsflash: it’s 2015, baby! It’s a big deal, right? The world is changing and it’s about time we made similar progress with our holy, albeit restricting, rulebook of fashion. Throw those guidelines out of the closet and break some of those annoying regulations. Paging all rebels—it’s your time to shine; rules are meant to be broken! I’ve decided to hop on the maverick bandwagon. I heretofore solemnly swear that all my preconceived notions of proper fashion decorum are dead to me. Gone are my days of stressing about coloring outside the lines. I resolve to forge ahead with only one commandment ingrained in my mind. So what is my most valuable style law from this day onward? (Hint: I don’t have one). Break free, spread your wings and channel your inner hood rat. You do you! Navy and black? Work it girl! White pre-labor day? Oh yeah, I went there. Leopard print and tiger stripes? Maybe I just really like the zoo.

With my eyes pealed and a fresh outlook, I easily spotted a fellow insurgent (sadly, it wasn’t Katniss). Obviously today’s Fashionista looks fabulous, but what’s the catch? The answer: she’s heading to her internship (gasp)! This Fashionista took her jeans to the office and rocked them way beyond casual Friday. The key is to opt for dark denim—it screams professionalism. Although jeans are becoming widely accepted in the work place, it’s still critical to look collected and appropriate. Balance is essential. Today’s stylish working-gal accomplished this by teaming up her jeans from American Eagle Outfitters with a chic, white blazer from Aqua. Blazers mean business, so I have no doubt that this stylin’, daredevil intern is able to tackle the paperwork, cop the unpublished manuscript of the next Harry Potter novel and pick up 10 to 15 skirts from Calvin Klein. Andy Sachs better her watch her back—our jean-clad Fashionista is dressed to kill!

Although this look could easily be taken in a more casual direction, accessories can quickly up the classiness and be totally transformative. I suggest choosing gold jewelry over silver jewelry, as it exudes power and determination. Silver is a tad more laid back, failing to convey the girls-run-the-world state of mind. Today’s Fashionista polished off her outfit with a tailored, navy cross-body bag from Francesca’s and a pair of Vince Camuto pumps. Their conservative nature allowed the Fashionista to up her ante and strut over to her corner office in style!

Oh, and she pulled off florals. Take that Miranda Priestly!

One Simple Change: Leave the pumps, jewels, bag and blazer behind. Slide into some super casual flip flops, grab an oversized tote and toss on your favorite sunnies. You’re ready to complete a few very dreaded yet very necessary errands.