WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

This East Coast snow is finally starting to melt, and it’s taking all of our winter hues with it. All across campus, army green parkas and charcoal gray peacoats are giving way to camel trench coats and moto jackets as we prepare ourselves for incoming April showers.

It’s not only casual wear that’s getting a new spring in its step. Business wear is often a mess of black suits and sweater tights during winter, as we try to adhere to dress codes while doing our best to fend off the cold. With the weather now hitting almost 60 degrees at noon, there’s so much more freedom to break out of our winter wool suits and play with interesting silhouettes and colors.

This Fashionista is taking full advantage of the weather change as she heads to her internship. Her traditional formula of trousers, shirt, blazer and heels gets a serious update. Her trousers were the first piece of her outfit that caught my eye: the slim fit, ankle length and camel color keep things young and fun while still being office-appropriate. The slightly cropped length of the pants transition smoothly into nude heels—a classic trick for looking longer and leaner. Our Fashionista ditches a typical collared white shirt for a V-neck version, letting her statement necklace shine without putting too much bulk and attention at her neckline. Her tan clutch is perfect for essentials like a phone, credit cards and lip balm and can easily be tossed into a larger work bag for those document-heavy days. And since it is still actually winter out, our Fashionista made sure to grab a blazer on her way out the door, just in case.

One Simple Change: Toss on some patterned slip-ons and a bulky cardigan in place of heels and a blazer for a weekend in the city.