WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Dressing for an internship can be difficult. One wants to come off as professional, while still placing emphasis on their youthfulness. Rather than going all out with a full blown suit, wearing nicer clothing items and putting together a professional color palette is a great alternative. Internships in college are a great way to start getting experience, and it’s important to dress well to show you truly care about your work.

This Fashionisto is a fantastic reference point for when it comes to dressing well without getting too formal. It was a lot of fun taking pictures with this student, so his great fashion sense was an added bonus. His brown sweater is a nice neutral choice, and it pairs splendidly with his brown belt and his shoes. His shoes are a pair of stylish low-rise boots and they’re in perfect condition. Wearing heavily scuffed or worn-out shoes isn’t generally advised for an internship, so try to wear newer or better looking shoes. This Fashionisto’s pair of jeans also look fairly new, and this is precisely how one can wear jeans to an important occasion. By having worn-in but not worn-out jeans, this Fashionisto is able to stay comfortable and trendy, but still maintain a certain professional vibe. This whole outfit is a well thought out way to add youth and fun to a professional internship.

What one wears can say a lot about their interest in a matter. Dressing well for an internship is expected, but it seems almost excessive to wear a suit or fancy dress.

One Simple Change: Need some weekend wear to go hang out with your friends? Switch out the nicer shoes for a pair with a more worn-in quality, as to not risk scuffing up your fancy kicks.