WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Internship season is right around the corner. This means many students from all over the country are busy updating their resumes and typing up cover letters with hopes that a company will give them a chance. Landing the perfect internship is crucial because it can open doors to many job opportunities. While some students are choosing to stay local, there are others, including myself, who are hoping to travel a little farther out of our comfort zone, AKA New York City. Internships can be a great deal of work and commitment. However, if your dream internship is within your grasp, then take it. It could be a wonderful experience and you might end up learning a lot more than you thought you would. Lastly, taking an internship is the final step before actually stepping foot into the real world, which can be terrifying, but at the end, it will be so worth it.

This Fashionista is dressed to impress. Her outfit proves that, yes, she is ready to take on any internship that is given to her. She did an excellent job pairing trousers with a white blouse and throwing on a light blue cardigan. The detail on her collar is subtle, but is pretty enough that she can skip wearing a necklace. However, just because she is not wearing a necklace doesn’t mean she forgot about accessorizing all together. She is toting the perfect bag to wear to an internship. It is big enough to carry a laptop, which is something most interns need on a daily basis. It is a better and stylish alternative to carrying a backpack. Wedges, like the ones she is wearing, are a really good substitute to wearing kitten heels and are much more comfortable, especially when there are long hours ahead.

One Simple Change: The internship went so well that you landed an interview for a full-time position? Swap the cardigan out for a black blazer and the cream wedges for black ones, and you’re good to go.