WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Congratulations, you have successfully scored your ideal spring semester internship! Everything is going your way and your once dark unknown future now is starting to look bright with endless opportunities. However, now your style reality sets in and you begin to think, “What am I going to wear on the first day?” Your eyes trace the items of clothing in your closet, hoping that the perfect something will appear. We all know that the first day outfit is important for first impressions. Stick to the style guide of this Fashionista and you will be prepared in style for your first day on the job!

This Fashionista sports the ideal first day of a new internship outfit. Since she is entering an internship rather than a nine-to-five job, there is slight wiggle room for flexibility in outfit choices. Instead of the typical suit attire, one can take the business casual route, as demonstrated by this Fashionista. Additionally, there is not much variety to a suit. Whether you opt for a blazer with a skirt or a blazer with relaxed cargo pants, most of the time you’re stuck with the colors of black, navy or gray. While these colors are big in fashion, they are not the most exciting for making a head-turning first impression.

This Fashionista rocks a pair of aubergine chino pants. These pants are great because they are an easy transition from student (jean) to intern (trouser). Trousers are a little bit looser and they have hidden pockets, while jeans have visible pockets. The color of her pants works perfectly with the Japanese-British inspired toile print shirt, which is layered underneath a comfy heather gray pullover. Her dark chocolate brown boots are sprinkled with a hint of red stain, allowing the red of the boot to match the red of the pants.

Remember, just because you are in a new setting does not mean that you have to completely change your individual style. Dress for the company, but add your own creativity whenever possible.

One Simple Change: The weather has started to get a bit warmer for spring, making long sleeves almost unbearable. Simply swap the layered look for a flowy pattern tank. It fits the classy business casual style, but keeps you feeling cool.