WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

When you finally get that internship you’ve been dreaming about, you just have to show up looking confident. This Fashionista shows her bright and bold personality with a pair of floral pants. Fashionistas are always breaking the rules, whether it’s wearing white after Labor Day or bright prints when it snows. After the internship is over you want the company to remember your individuality and maturity. Don’t wear a boring outfit, make a few adjustments to the normal business look and show who you are!

It’s imperative that you make sure you look put together and professional, so a striped blazer and a pair of short heels are the perfect clean basics. A short heel makes you walk with confidence but you won’t have an embarrassing trip in front of the boss. This Fashionista’s bright magenta scarf creates great dimension and frames her smiling face. The best way to wear your hair for work or an internship is in a bun or sleek pony. Pulling your hair back barely takes any time but you look chic as ever. This Fashionista’s high bun adds extra height and she won’t need to constantly fix it.

What you should take from this Fashionista’s look is that the reason we have personal style is to show our personalities through what we wear. You don’t have to go buy floral pants if that’s not you; never deviate from your true self. Afraid to try bright floral pants or they’re just not for you? Chose a simple pant and try a funky blazer for that perfect balance of flare and professionalism. Just don’t forget a watch and a big smile!

One Simple Change: Have plans with the girls after you’re finished with the long day? Ditch the scarf and put on a some heeled booties, it’s guaranteed you’ll have a blast!